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Psychonaut: The Nexus

Published by K.Z. Freeman at Smashwords

Psychonaut Book 1

The Nexus

Copyright © 2012 K.Z. Freeman

All Rights Reserved

Cover © by Justin Mezzel

ISBN: 978-1-4660-3072-5


I am dying. I know I am. I can feel every cell in my body decaying, betraying me. Neurons blast away in my mind as they struggle to maintain my sanity. I feel them too, like goose bumps inside my skull. Shots of paralyzing madness convulse my flesh, force me to vomit and sweat. I shiver as I can no longer feel the clothes upon my back, cannot draw a distinction between what is mine and what is fabric – attire, what is the ground and what is me. In reluctant unity the three of us have merged into a single entity, squabbling in mutual pain. I hate the rough soil, and it hates me too, I can feel it rejecting me, every last pebble of it. The heat radiating from it chokes me of breath.

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