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Calling on Cherrie.

by George Boxlicker

Copyright 2012 by George Boxlicker

Smashwords Edition

Twenty-some years ago, a baby girl was born with a full head of hair. Her parents took one look at the color of that hair and decided the baby’s name would be Cherrie. Until then, they had been inclined to name her Cherie, which is why the unusual spelling, but nobody ever called her anything but Cherrie. She grew up developing a great capacity for the enjoyment of sex, especially having her pussy eaten, and several years ago, she became one of my favorite lady friends.

The most recent time we got together was last week when she called me up to tell me how horny she was and how she wanted me to come over to her apartment and rectify this situation. She had come twice from using her dildo, but needed something more and she knew I could give it to her. I had just finished an article I was writing and had nothing better to do so I said I would. Actually, there are very few things I can think of that are more enjoyable to do than alleviating Cherrie’s horniness.

When I rang her doorbell I heard the sound of the peep hole being opened. Seconds later, it closed, and Cherrie unlocked the door but stayed behind it while she pulled it open and hurriedly closed and locked it once I was inside. When I turned to face her I saw why she was in such a hurry to get the door secured. She was completely naked; Cherrie doesn’t like to waste time on preliminaries.

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