Danger, Kids! 1

By Alan Patrick

Published by Alan Moore at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Alan Moore

To AK77, thank you for breaking my brain to make this happen and not letting me give up as per usual.

To Anni and Timmy, you two inspire me.

To my parents, brother, sister, relatives and friends, enjoy what’s to follow.


The 1980’s didn’t just offer some of the best music and movies ever made. They offered a time of massive change. Empires wobbled and what many of us were born into disappeared seemingly overnight. However until the end of the decade we lived through an arms race where movies and media heightened the chances of a nuclear holocaust taking place. We had readiness tests for when the warning was given of nuclear launches, which now seems a little silly given that on the island of Ireland we had bombs, bullets and beating to greet us with each meal. The 1980’s were about taking sides, you were for or against Communism, for or against the “Free World”. So much good came from such an insane decade.

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