The Psychic Dimension, Part II

Jay Dubya

The thirty-six novellas presented in The Psychic Dimension, Part II are works of pure fiction. The stories’ themes deal with paranormal and psychic experiences. Any character resemblance to any living person on planet Earth in this work is purely coincidental.

Multiple Choice”

As veteran Agents Salvatore Velardi, Arthur Orsi and Dan Blachford entered Philadelphia FBI headquarters at 600 Arch Street, the three black-suited government detectives had been casually discussing the amusing notion that their distinguished boss Chief Inspector Joe Giralo was indeed one hundred percent psychic. But as the chatty trio would soon discover, the astonishing and confounding “Multiple Choice Case” would become a perplexing development that would virtually confirm their speculative suspicions about their boss's seemingly uncanny paranormal abilities.

Chief Giralo was preoccupied sitting upon his black swivel chair behind his impressive Canadian oak desk, but instead of reading the early morning edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer as was his habit, “the Boss” was engrossed in studying certain words printed upon fresh computer paper. Joe Giralo instantly abandoned his introspection to acknowledge the expected appearance of his illustrious investigative trio.

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