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Chapter 1

Terra stretched, trying to look over the throng of people, wishing she was taller. Cancún airport was a swarm of humanity speaking different languages, everyone going in different directions.

She had hoped he would be there waiting for her when she got through immigration.

She got jostled by a boisterous group of boys wearing soccer jerseys and bouncing a ball between them as she wrestled with her shoulder bag, trying to find her phone. She wasn’t even sure which direction he would be coming from. She stood on a seat and tried to look over the mass of people as they moved about like choppy water.

Where was he?

She had flown from Detroit to Los Angeles, then to Cancún. The flights had gone smoothly enough, but Terra was a wreck. Doubt had nibbled at her until it had fully taken root and spread. Was her time with Nik last summer a fluke? The whole way over she obsessed about it. They’d only spent one day together—not even twenty-four hours—and that was a whole year ago. What was she doing coming back here? Terra’s friend Vicky thought she was crazy. But there was a lot Vicky didn’t know.

Last summer, when Vicky and Terra returned from their summer vacation, Terra was feeling sick. She thought at first it was something she ate, or maybe the sudden change in climate, going from Mexico back to Michigan. A few days later, she called Vicky, telling her she couldn’t eat. Vicky listened, then was silent—rare for her. “Well?” Terra asked. “Oh, honey,” Vicky said softly, “you’re in love.”

It seemed impossible, but Terra had nothing to compare it to. She’d never been in love, but she never imagined it like this. It was supposed to be a wonderful feeling, something blissful and romantic—not a non-stop stomachache. Not a feeling like she was constantly falling through the air.

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