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The Unforgettable Journey


Ian Macdonald

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I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my friend Ray Armstrong for his continued assistance, encouragement and support regarding this book and my other literary endeavours. His suggestions, editing abilities and overall help were invaluable. Thank you my friend.

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Chapter One


It was a most beautiful morning, the sun was just climbing up in the almost cloudless sky and the birds were chirping away merrily. As he stood on the balcony outside his bedroom, John’s mind drifted wistfully back a few years. He had indeed come a long way from his covert military career, his devastating loss when his first wife had been taken from him suddenly, and all the dramatic events since. His mind then reflected upon that fateful cross country train journey that Brian had persuaded him to take. That trip had changed John Canon’s life. It came at a time when he was at the lowest point in his life and it had transformed him. The sorrow and despair he had been feeling now morphed into optimism and hope. He took in the sweet smells of the morning air as he was idly gazing at the Toronto skyline in the distance. He suddenly realized that Pam would be so happy for him now if she were looking down upon him from heaven. He was a happy and contented man now – something he never thought he would achieve again after Pam’s death. Yes, John, you are a lucky man and things have worked out for you despite your earlier misfortune he thought to himself.

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