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Remy’s New Friend

Heather Norman Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Heather Norman Smith

"What's that you say?" the man in the frumpy brown sweater asked curiously.

Remy turned around hesitantly. She hadn't meant for anyone to hear her mumbling. She stared blankly at the man until he asked again, "What did you say?"

Remy knew better than to talk to strangers. But, her mother smiled and nodded at her from the corner of the bookstore to let her know it was okay. "I was just thinking out loud", Remy said.

"Oh, yes, yes. Very good. Thinking is important", replied the man. "But what did you say?" There was concern in the man's voice, but it was also very gentle. He had a nice smile, and he stood patiently waiting for the girl's answer as she inspected him.

The man had a funny accent. His pants were a bit too short, revealing mismatched socks, and he wore a big, furry sweater, although it was almost July. He had funny hair- parted too far over on one side, and a few pieces fell down into his eyes which were framed by thick, dark-rimmed glasses. But the eyes behind those glasses were remarkably kind-looking.

Remy replied to the man. "I was just thinking, this looks boring," she said, pointing to a thick, dusty book on the shelf in front of her.

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