Jessie's journey began in Sway and Compass. As we continue to follow her in Destiny, she stumbles across a revelation that could change everything and finds herself standing on the precipice of life.

Jessie is determined not to let her hearing loss hold her back. She aims her sights even higher as she ventures in a new direction. With a Black Belt on the horizon, and so close to achieving it, she is unaware of the danger closing in on her. Will she be strong enough to hold on or will she succumb to the darkness that surrounds her?



Destiny by Jennifer Gibson is heart-breakingly touching. As I mentioned in my review of Compass, book 2 in the series, it is hard to be a teenager and even harder to be a hard-of-hearing teenager...I was appalled, simply appalled, at one scene that absolutely broke my heart. In this scene, Jessie is dreaming and she spies a young girl crying. The girl turns out to be Jessie as a child and she is crying because her elementary school teacher has said hateful things about her and shoved her and her desk into the hallway, saying she didn't deserve to be in the classroom with the other students. I simply cannot imagine a teacher doing that to a child. Any child. I so wanted to punch that woman. I am sorry. I am not usually a violent person, but I really wanted to beat that teacher to a pulp. And it really brought it home to me how extraordinary Jessie is that she takes it all and rarely complains. I thought Destiny, like Sway and Compass, to be a thought-provoking glimpse into a world all of us need to understand. -- Taylor Jones, reviewer.

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