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About the cover: The author took this picture in January of 2013. The events and the characters depicted in this story are fictional, but the inspiration for this novel is the result of true events. Strange occurrences did in fact take place in these sewer tunnels and in the pipe barely seen on the left, with the green lettering on it, circa 1986 or 1987. The author and several of his closest friends, all in their teenage years at the time, witnessed these events firsthand. The location is a portion of South Chollas Creek that runs under the 805 Highway in San Diego, California, and adjacent to the Jackie Robinson YMCA off of Imperial Avenue.

The Younger Boys

The rough and impoverished streets of Southeast San Diego, a district where crime and violence are a mere arm’s length away, a neighborhood where drug abuse and gang activity run rampant, a place with little opportunity for hope.

Enter Sammy Jones and his best friend Eric Sanders, a.k.a. EZ, two kids fresh out of elementary school, who are at the cusp of an abrupt and final transition into adolescence. Follow their animated and sometimes comical escapades as they venture to draw out the twilight of their innocence, their harrowing experiences as they seek out approval and recognition from the older clique of homeboys, led by EZ’s own brother, Junebug, and lastly…

Something sinister lurks in the neighborhood’s sewers, continually drawing the boys and attempting to ensnare them in its mysterious and powerful clutches. Spellbound, the two youngsters are swept into an ever-tightening whirlpool of death, stirred by an evil force that threatens to shatter the bond of their friendship, and seeks to destroy their very lives.

Two boys, struggling to become young men, facing an unimaginable adversary they have no hope to overcome…

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