100 Things Anyone Can Be Grateful For

By Julie Richie

Copyright 2013 Julie Richie

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100 Things Anyone Can Be Grateful For

(In no particular order)

  1. The warmth of the sun.

  2. Gentle thunderstorms.

  3. A child’s enthusiasm.

  4. A wonderful book.

  5. Friends.

  6. Chocolate.

  7. The power of music.

  8. Smiles.

  9. Unexpected reunions.

  10. Jokes.

  11. Flowers.

  12. Sunsets.

  13. Sunrises.

  14. Clouds.

  15. Art.

  16. Learning something new.

  17. A TV show that hooks you.

  18. Going to the movies.

  19. Popcorn.

  20. Rice Krispie treats.

  21. Google.

  22. Assistive technology that helps disabled people learn and communicate.

  23. Kindness.

  24. Dogs.

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