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By Cassal Sigonlos

Copyright 2013 Cassal Sigonlos

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These are written, not images, not sounds. Odd, always written, just letters in some kind of surface, mostly in digital format, but some of them were written in a so unusual way, from sculpture, scratching a rock until the letter appears, and so stay for years, even water on plastic disappearing in a matter of seconds, if I had not rescued it from author’s memory, it would not have been preserved, certainly you will not have access to it now. Yes, they are written, bits of text, small pieces of text, no, they do not show the whole story for you, but can you imagine the complexity of the story behind each one of those small texts, cannot you? Yes, there is in each one of them a story of life, yes, life, complex, deep, intriguing, and yes, you are who will have to complete it, give it a try, in this imagination of the life of each one of those machines, those automatons, machines wanting to be human, use your own human life, your human way of live, to fill with substance the full life that each one of those machines had while they experiencing the existence, for a brief moment, in a certain space and time. They were just machines. Some would say that, imitations of humans. Those, automatons, they were not well understood or even heard, many of those machines simply went unnoticed or remain unseen, if you'll read something about them this is because I kept these little pieces that they wrote, and now I give them to you, indeed I have some pictures of them too, if you want to look, they are there at the end. Those automatons were just machines trying to understand, live, and specially, feel the existence, and more important than all, I think they meant what they were experiencing; I think this is why they always had tried to write. I collected these texts in the millennium 3, some are older than this date others more recent. This trip of mine, it is too much space and time, such darkness, such silence, such emptiness, and loneliness. Seems that there isn't mass for a couple of light years around here, just me and this space ship. Such trip, such boldness, such madness, a thing of living being, need to go there. Here I go, through the void between these two solar systems, one day I’ll go to you Boötes void. What a trip it will be!

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