Smoke over Grímsvötn

Divine Blood: Extra-Curricular

Luke Green

San Antonio, Texas, USA

© 2012 by Luke Green

All rights reserved.

It was spring, but it was hard to tell that from the temperature—nine degrees Celsius and that was the high end of what could be expected here during May. Especially out over the glacier, where starting a fire for warmth wasn’t exactly the most advisable of activities. The centuries worth of ice covering the stone of Iceland pulled all the heat out of the air, making it hard for the sun to warm the surroundings, especially since it was already at a disadvantage given where on the globe the island sat.

Over time, pockets in the glacier had been opened up by various means, meaning there were places across the vast flat expanses that the ice was thin. A traveler or researcher could think they were treading upon solid ice when suddenly it would shatter under their feet and send them falling into a labyrinth of mirrored caves. People had been lost due to such accidents in the past.

The windswept loneliness was soon broken as four bursts of smoke appeared out of nowhere atop the ice. The smoke itself swiftly dissipated and was carried off by the wind leaving behind four people standing on the scene with jackets and bags mostly appropriate to an Icelandic expedition.

At the head of the group was a woman in a thick, hooded winter coat. She considered the flat, bleak landscape as she slowly twisted on her heels to take in everything around them. Eventually, the watcher slid her gloves off to reveal a pair of slender and beautiful feminine hands. The right hand reached into a pocket to pull out a lighter and a packet of cigarettes as the left stuffed her gloves into another pocket. A minute later, one of those cigarettes was in her mouth, lit and releasing a faint, steady stream of smoke into the air. The woman finally reached up toward her hood and pulled it down to reveal beautiful blond hair and intricate red facial marks.

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