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D.A. Madigan

All contents copyright 2013

published at Smashwords

This one is for my totally awesome daughters, TINA, KELLY, and AMY


Every writer is a reader first, and the things they read inevitably end up in the things they write... at least, the the things that they love do.

In this book, the giants whose shoulders I'm sitting on, and whose work I have loved and emulated within these pages, are, obviously, H.P. LOVECRAFT, ROBERT E. HOWARD, and STEPHEN KING. I do not do atmosphere as well as Mr. Lovecraft, I do not build worlds as well as Mr. Howard, and nobody writes weird high school shit as well as Mr. King.

But, for whatever it's worth, I've tried hard, and I hope you enjoy the results.

- D.A. Madigan, June/2013

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