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May he give splendour, and power, and triumph, and a coming-forth as a living soul...

Chapter 1. The Children of Impotent Revolt

In my sophomore year of high school, the coolest hangout for any geek or nerd in all of Del Ray was the Anubis Society.

The first time I ever got in there, it started like this:

"Hey, you guys want to go hang out at the Anubis?" Davie Jenkins said to me and Vickie, all casual and shit, one September day while we were buying our weekly comics fix at Punch A Munchkin Comics & Collectibles. (That is absolutely what it's called; it's got a picture of one of those Lollypop Guild guys from WIZARD OF OZ getting totally whaled on by Wolverine right up on its sign; the guy who owns the shop, Bruce Kadinski, is a complete stoner and probably thinks midget abuse like that is hilarious.)

Now, we'd heard of the Anubis Society... supposedly, they had a bunch of tables you could play Magic or do a dungeon run at, they didn't mind if you brought in food, they sold a few things... Magic cards, paperbacks, some comics... but mostly, it was just a hang out.

The weird thing was, though, I didn't know where it was, and I didn't know anyone who did.

Vickie gave Davie a glare from behind her thick glasses... Vickie's always had spectacularly bad vision and lasix wouldn't work for her and neither would contacts. But her glasses made her eyes look like poached eggs and she had some SERIOUS glare on her. I mean, paint peeling serious. After four years of hanging with Vick I'm used to it but Davie couldn't help but flinch back a little. "YOU know where the Anubis Society is?" she demanded.

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