Nova Chalmers

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By Nova Chalmers

“Hey, Blondie!” His leer chased her steps along the path. Her heart stuttered.

The forest shortcut had seemed like a good idea until the man found her, alone, unprotected and with dawn just threatening. Goldie walked faster and refused to look back.

“Hey!” A low wolf-whistle, too close behind her. “Nice skirt, Blondie. Come back for a chat.”

She tried not to run, but his footfalls crunched on the gravel, and her mind flashed a memory of his face as he dragged his eyes up, drinking her body in. She broke into a trot. Her shoes had too much heel for it, and her ankles wobbled and stabbed little pains into her calves. The gravel rolled underfoot. She listed to one side and earned a branch lash across her cheek.

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