Ring Of Fire is a work of fiction. Though actual locations may be mentioned, they are used in a fictitious manner and the events and occurrences were invented in the mind and imagination of the author. Similarities of names used within to any person, past, present, or future, are coincidental.

Chapter One

"Don't eat the dirt, kid, get up and get back on." The voice was clear as a bell, and familiar. She raised her face from the soft earth and glanced around. Her heart beat quickened, her mind reeled, and tears clouded her vision for a moment.

"Dad!" she cried out.

"You sure must like eating dust." The man in black stood leaning against the barn door, staring intently at her. He was tall and lean and sexy as all get out, yet he wore it like an overcoat he wasn't aware of having. His hair was dark, and barely blew against the wind as he kept it clipped short, his stance provocative and powerful, and his arrogance beamed at her. Women just didn't ignore men like that, Letty reasoned as she peeped over her shoulder at him. The man was cowboy through and through, rough, determined and all grit.

"Love it." Letty let her backside fall as she spit out the dust from her mouth and tried to keep her own dignity as she managed to right herself once more. The voice she'd heard shook her to her core. Where had the voice come from? Despite the handsome cowboy, the voice had distracted her and the mystery behind it even more. She knew she heard it, but the cowboy obviously hadn't. Had she merely thought she heard her father speaking?

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