The Quick and the Unholy

J.R. Leckman

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Copyright J.R. Leckman 2010

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“Have you ever seen a storm brew up so fast?”

The mid-day sun was already disappearing behind the rapidly shifting clouds in the sky. Dustin reckoned they had crossed over into southern Colorado, but he couldn’t be too sure. He hadn’t been paying much attention to his current surroundings, being lost in the past for the last hour. The Rocky Mountains were creeping steadily closer and the valleys they traveled were becoming ever deeper. He looked briefly at the speaker, a man named Wallace. He hadn’t been with this group of wranglers for very long and he was still trying to remember their names.

As Wallace, an older cowpoke who talked too much, rambled on about storms and floods he had seen, Dustin watched the strange dark clouds roll over the mountains to the west. It gave him an uneasy feeling he couldn’t explain.

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