Wild people By S Rob


There have always been people who are different. People who are unafraid to do as they wish, to stand out. By wild people I mean those that act as others will not. This broad classification includes people who did as they wished even if it meant hanging. Also there are pioneers who paved the way for progress: because for every known successful pioneer there are many who are unknown, and maybe unsuccessful: but they continued on. That is what this book is about: the pioneer, do as you want spirit that still exists today and did so in abundance in the past. Not all of these people were good: many were just as much as a problem for society as they would be today: but they had a spirit that could be admired, and maybe is even easier to do today than then. Certainly some of them were seen as strange: probably most of them: but that wild spirit is part of what made and makes this country and Newcastle upon Tyne what it is. So next time there is a fight in the Big market, or anyone has a wildly strange idea, think of these people and remember they are part of a long proud lineage of wild people.

The man with many names

Names are quite a fundamental part of what it means to be human. They help identify us they are part of us, who we are. They shape how people see us. It is usually the one piece of information that is shared first, and the one many of us easily forget about others. But what would you think about a man with many names? Not ones after the other, not middle names but a man with many aliases? Actors and performers do use different names, but most people do not. This next wild person was a man with many names.

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