Ben Soul

Richard W. George

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Richard W. George

All rights reserved.

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The Great Temblor

Ben came to the City on a day when the afternoon fog wrapped the City in a gray blanket. The great towers of the City’s financial district disappeared into the mists, seeming to be topless. Ben thought of them as “topless towers” like those in the Marlowe play. Excitement surged through his weary body. Twenty-five hours on a bus had exhausted his strength, but the approach to the City revived him. Here he hoped to find the freedom to be himself that his home state refused him.

The City bus station was like most bus stations in that era, rundown and covered with pigeon droppings. A surly attendant perched on a wobbly stool inside a kiosk with rust stained windows. Ben approached the attendant. He had a sunken chest, a Prince Valiant soup bowl haircut, and his pale scalp showed through the thinning hair.

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