Aeroparts factory

by Paul Kater

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Chapter 1

Sweaty, dirty horses pulled carts up and down the street, from where most cobblestones had disappeared. The cobbles had been put to good use over the years, to repair houses or to be thrown at coppers on some raid or other. Someone had done a reasonably good job in making sure that the carts would be able to go through the street despite that: there were two paths in it. Calling them lanes would be overdone, but there was one cobblestone side and one made of sand.

The street was in a neighbourhood that, let's face it, did not belong to the better parts of town. Nor would it fit in the more regular ones. The rows of low buildings on either side of the road, the slate roofs in various states of miserable, were not appealing to the eye, yet there was a lot of business going on in front of some, and inside some others. The few buildings that lay abandoned were unfit for living creatures so much that even rats preferred taking a detour around them.

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