Think Like a Black Belt

Jim Bouchard

Published by San Chi Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 by Jim Bouchard

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Think like a Black Belt


I began writing this book in the midst of America’s worst economic recession since the Great Depression. People are losing jobs, businesses, and homes. Too many people have lost their savings and retirement as our banking and investment system implodes. Others are taking jobs well beneath their training, talents and abilities just to get by. Too many others are selling their homes at a loss or returning to work after earning a well-deserved retirement.

The recession has affected the entire world. Our world is now completely connected and inter-dependent. The global economy is no longer a dream or specter depending on your perspective; it is a reality that we all should try to understand and that we all have to live with. Conditions and circumstances well beyond your control can dramatically affect and impact your life no matter where you live or work.

Some pundits predict the imminent collapse of the “American way.” Others are saying our position as a world power has wavered and we are beginning a period of inevitable decline. Our day in the sun is over.

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