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Claudia and Maya

Naughty Teens

Part 2


Elizabeth Thorn

Smashwords Edition

All rights belong to Elizabeth Thorn

Copyright 2013

Adult Material

18+ Only

Chapter 1

“No, Sir!” Maya screamed, now really wishing she could escape from his grasp as she didn’t think her poor ass could take much more spanking. Besides, her pussy needed desperate attention. “It is to thank you for teaching me some manners, sir! A thank you!” She meant it too, she knew. She wanted to thank him for making her ass and pussy burn with desire!

Finally Harry let her go. “I guess a thank you is the polite thing to do, alright.”

Suddenly he grabbed both his wife as well as Maya by the back of their head and forced them both down on their knees and towards his cock. “You girls show me how well you can suck cock and I just might give you sluts the pounding you’re begging for.” He’d never talked to a woman like that before, and the knowledge that he was now doing so to not only his wife, but a half-naked hot teen as well made the entire experience surreal. Part of him wanted to apologize for his own behavior, but seeing both Maya and his wife willingly go for his cock made him pause; maybe this was just what he and his wife needed. It certainly was what the young woman whose ass he’d spanked until it was red all over, really wanted.

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