What Readers Are Saying About This Book

"This book has affected how I see my kids -- seeing their behavior as them trying to learn, instead of just trying to be difficult. Now my eyes are opened to so many things that I had considered as 'extras' that are absolutely essential to learning. Thank you!" – Charity

"I realized that my daughter is more of a kinesthetic learner, so I let her jump on the mini-trampoline while I showed her flashcards. Her bad attitude went away, and she called off the numbers with ease -- and no mistakes!" – Sharon

"This helped me understand why my son struggles with some things, even though he is a very intelligent child." – Kim

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About the Authors

Carolyn Morrison lives in central Iowa with her husband, Kevin. After removing their two children from the public school system in the elementary grades and homeschooling them through high school graduation, Carolyn continues to support homeschooling by mentoring and encouraging families through her blog, Guilt-Free Homeschooling, http://guiltfreehomeschooling.org.

Jennifer Morrison Leonhard was homeschooled from fifth grade through high school graduation and applied her homeschooling study methods while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Jennifer is currently working in the retail industry and collaborating with her mother, Carolyn, in developing and publishing homeschooling materials, speaking at homeschool conferences, and leading homeschool workshops.

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