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What could have driven billionaire industrialist Warburton Powers to shoot himself, his wife, and his infant son? Robert Herrick, a lawyer and close friend of the Powers family, investigates the tragedy against his better judgment and finds himself dragged deeper and deeper into the mass of tentacles that is the holding company. Opposing lawyer Jimmy Coleman is a ruthless ex street-fighter who heads an army of litigation associates at the mega-firm of Booker & Bain. At every turn Herrick's quest is confronted by the holding company as it exercises its world-wide powers and connections at all levels of the government to bury the terrible secret behind the death of the Powers family. Author David Crump, a professor of law at the University of Houston and author of numerous law textbooks as well as poetry, legal fiction, and a modern version of Virgil’s Aeneid, introduces realism and entertaining legal and corporate background to the genre. The novel features Switzerland, New York, Iraq, Houston, and Washington, D.C. in this intricate and absorbing courtroom drama.

". . . Mixes realism and drama in just the right measure—it makes your pulse race! The action leaps off the page, and I recommend it whether you're a lawyer at heart or not."

Paul F. Rothstein

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