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By Danielle James

Copyright 2013

Smashwords Edition

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Just a little bit further. Serena could see the clearing ahead of her, just beyond the line of maple trees. The fallen leaves on the ground whispered under her paws as she inched her way forward. She scolded herself for even that inconsequential sound. A panther should move with silent grace. Her prey would hear her approach if she wasn’t one hundred percent silent. How would she ever catch anything blundering around like a human in the forest?

It wasn’t that she didn’t remember what it was like to be human. Like many others, she used to spend her days worshipping the sun, living each day on the sandy beaches, playing volley ball and consorting with other sun worshipers. What it was like to go about daily life with no knowledge or concerns about the supernatural. But that was a long time ago, before she was bitten. Before Jack, the man who promised to love her and care for her took advantage and shared his little gift with her. Now, she had to be careful. Serena had to live her life like an escaped convict.

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