Self-publishing eBook Tutorial

By S.A. Uni

Copyright 2013 S.A. Uni

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INTRODUCTION: This Tutorial will explain to you, the reader, how to successfully self-publish eBooks through the website,

After you self-publish eBooks on this website, will then distribute your eBooks to major eBook retailers such as the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, the Diesel eBook Store, Aldiko and even public libraries! (Please note: in order for your eBook(s) to be distributed to these vendors, your eBook will need to be accepted into’s “premium catalog.” This just means that you cannot have any formatting errors in your eBook. Follow the steps of this tutorial in the What are the steps to self-publish your eBook on section in order to successfully format your eBook.)

Additionally, as a unique feature to, you can also offer your eBook to people for free. Yes, free! This notion of being able to give your eBook away for free to people aligns with the “free for all” mentality of libraries, and it will surely increase your audience.(Additionally, if you are using only as a way to make and distribute free eBooks through, you do not have to strictly adhere to’s formatting guidelines, because your work will not be distributed to outside vendors. There is more information on this to follow.)

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