Cum in My Sister


Cindy May

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Cindy May

Geoff’s ménage with ex-prostitute fiancée Beth and the sexy Craven sisters widens to include posh girl Helen and the third of the Craven girls, the naïve Ingrid. Is Helen, who is tormented by her past, a Trojan horse, sent by Geoff’s scheming mother to wreck everything? Romance, striptease, prostitution, random sex, car sex, father-daughter incest, rimming, defloration, girl-donkey & girl-dog sex


Helen dropped to her knees, still running her hand up and down daddy’s shaft. His foreskin had rolled back, so his glans was protruding. As Helen gazed at it, she knew this is what mummy should have been doing for this wonderful man.

Instead mummy had been a poisonous addled bitch, and it was up to Helen to make up for all the evil she had done. She stuck out her tongue and flicked it against daddy’s glans, slurping her tongue underneath where a slab of flesh united the glans to the shaft.


As she stared into her mam’s cunt, she saw there was a pool of fluid, or perhaps a lake of fluid. It seemed much more viscous than the pussy juices that coated the inner surface of her labia and it was a creamy white colour.

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