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Rave Endorsements for Tina Powers and

Reporting for the Other Side

"Tina Powers gives an intimate portrait of life with the Other Side. Her stories are powerful, and persuasive."

– Julia Cameron, Bestselling Author of The Artist's Way

“In Reporting for the Other Side, Tina Powers exemplifies the fact that she had many choices along the career highway that sure would have been a hell of a lot easier and more glamorous than coming out as a psychic … as I can attest to … however, Tina reminds us in her gentle nature that the cost of denying who we truly are is more painful than owning ourselves.”

– Michael Bodine, Psychic and Author of Growing Up Psychic

“There are many who claim to be in touch. Tina Powers “is” in touch. I have experienced her gift of communicating with the Other Side. She’s the real deal. Of further importance, she’s also in touch with this side and for the most part thinks it’s funny. So do I!

– Wyatt Webb, Author of It’s Not About the Horse and What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

“As an explorer/investigator of psychic phenomena, I’ve met some of the world’s top mediums. Among these rare individuals is Tina Powers – a medium of exceptional talent. Tina read for me without any knowledge of my identity, yet delivered detailed, specific and highly pertinent information. She also demonstrated an uncanny ability to relay the unique personality traits of my deceased loved ones. During my session, Tina shared a phrase often used by my late son Brandon, delivering it with exact intonation.

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