Bitter Magic

by Linda Jordan

Copyright 2013 by Linda Jordan

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover Art by Alexey Rumyantsev

Licensed by Dreamstime

Smashwords Edition

Bitter Magic

by Linda Jordan

Sirena stood on the wharf, staring out at Port Gardner Bay. Crowds swarmed around behind her. The Sunday Farmer’s Market was in full swing. Smells of meat grilling and caramelized popcorn mingled with the ever present scent of kelp and fishy sea water.

Her yellow and lime green sundress swirled around her legs. She wiggled her toes inside the brown sports sandals. The sun felt so good on her skin. Summer was finally here again. A warm breeze moved her shoulder length hair just enough so it was flapping in her face. She tucked it behind her ears, knowing it wouldn’t stay. She had to stop herself quickly, before she used magic to calm the breeze or hold her hair down. There were repercussions to using it these days and she still had the habit.

Repercussions for every thing she did now. The magic was paying her back for every little thing she’d done as a child. For every small comfort she’d gained, the magic was now extracting payment.

The timer on her cell phone pinged. Her break was over. She needed to get back to her booth. Jenna, one of the bread vendors, had been covering for her. Sirena couldn’t take advantage of her kindness.

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