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Water is Thicker than Blood

Rue had suffered just about all the crap from Hank she could abide.

The water purifier was still broken, even though he had promised not once, not twice, but three times to get it fixed before their stockpile ran out. But the stockpile of clean water was gone, and even the little bit of gray water she kept on hand for washing was almost done. She sure didn’t have money to pay $25 a gallon at the market for fresh water.

She walked over to the relic of a sink in the kitchen. It was dark with stains but there wasn’t much she could do about it. The only thing that would clean it was bleach, and bleach was more expensive than water. She turned the rusty knob of the faucet. Nothing came out. Not that she expected anything to come out. Apparently there was a time before Doomsday that you could walk over to any sink, just turn a knob, and clean, fresh water would come out. Sounded like craziness but it was true. She’d even confirmed it with Old Man Blue, who was a boy before the war and remembered.

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