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I Am Your Amazing Body

J.D. Ratcliff

Originally published as I Am Joe's Body

Published by UE Foundation

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 UE Foundation

Foreword to I Am Your Amazing Body

This ebook is an adaptation of I Am Joe's Body, a book originally published by the Reader's Digest in the 1960s and long out of print. That book was a collection of 33 articles written by J.D. Ratcliff in the 1960s. This ebook version contains the original text with some editing to reflect recent advances in medical science. In the original version, "Joe" was characterized as a 47-year-old man. Jane, slightly younger, was his wife – "a typical couple." In this ebook version they are referred to simply as "you."

Foreword to I Am Joe’s Body

Your body is, undoubtedly, the grandest and most complex machine ever built. It is also the most familiar – each one of us lives with his model every moment of his life. Yet most of us take our bodies far too much for granted – we don't think twice about them unless something goes wrong. Naturally, we pay a price for such ignorance: by remaining unaware of the marvels of the human body, we fail to appreciate our own magnificence. And even more importantly, there's little question that a knowledge of one's body, its various organs and systems and how they work can be used to maintain health and fitness and thus prolong our enjoyment of our lives.

The book you're reading is being brought out to dispel precisely this ignorance. Of course it does not pretend to be an exhaustive survey of the human body and the problems it is prone to. That would require a small library of solemn tomes. Our aim is more modest: to introduce you to the most important parts and systems of your body, to some of the more common ailments that afflict it – and what you can do about them. As always with the Digest, the articles there are thoroughly researched and vividly written, thus providing you with authoritative and up-to-date information presented in a way that you can enjoy and understand. It’s a book to read, keep and refer to, again and again.

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