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No time or place. Nothing and then – fullness; a soft, even, pure and translucent glow, a constant whiteness, a limitless beauty in silver-cold light that invaded everything. It penetrated all, and filled the void with its near perfection. A minutia of the preternatural emptiness shivered across its surface and the unity was broken. And then eternity and infinity shattered and fragmented, and from that terrible whiteness uncountable fragments exploded into an infernal heat that swept outwards, dimensions swirling into being in its awful wake.

And so time and space were born, and once again the terrible cycle of life and death was set into motion. Blazing light and heat boiled maniacally, devouring all and spewing out the remainder in incandescent dust; and chaos was brought under the tyranny of dimension. The measured process ticked away, nanosecond by nanosecond, as the alpha accident exploded in wave upon wave, a primal fire raging through space.

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