This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents portrayed in this story are either products of the author’s imagination or are used factiously. Photos or artwork are included as complementary visuals.

Author to Reader:

Vitruvian Man” is the second book in the Alexander Crown trilogy. The once mercenary’s instincts were his lifeline. Sexy, powerful, and far too attractive, women tempt his heart. Passionate about those he loves, relentless when fighting for a cause, there is no case too difficult and no danger too brutal to accomplish his goals.

Devoted love for the children in his orphanage, crazy love for beautiful women, wealth and adventure, thief, mercenary and philanthropist, Crown didn’t expect to be corralled by any one of his passions, until stunning Isabella Borghini braved his hunger and Afra Wodehouse endured his hotness.

Thievery is his arsenal, jewelry his targets. His heist at the Cannes Film Festival exposed a Renaissance discovery so profound the French Secret Service wants Alexander Crown dead. Iktar Stanktar intends to kill him. Isabella Berghini seeks redemption. Afra Wodehouse craves his love. The philanthropist only cares about the children in his orphanage.

Alexander Crown Novels:

Dubrovnik, this first sensational Alexander Crown novel reveals the mercenary’s disruptive force inside of an intriguing and deceptive Croatian environment, where the passion of souls drive this unnerving triangle of love, despicable murder and search for peace in one country seeking democratic freedom. Hot men, spicy women and a family feud, can they survive this sexually compulsive environment? Love can make you crazy, family can make you delirious, yet anger and revenge can destroy everything you cherish in a country culturally and politically repressed for decades. Spicy love affairs, intimate crimes, bristling politics and the probability of civil war drive this picturesque spy thriller.

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