A Shark's Tale

Copyright Beth Hoyer 2013

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Chapter One

I wound up in a hospital ward. During that time I don't have a date listed. I don't know what date it was while I was hospitalized. I think the day was a holiday of when I first got hospitalized. I'm not sure with my mind is feeling fuzzy with the details on remembering things. I can remember one day Lucy and I went to a mall, I sat outside in the hallway watching for Lucy who arrived. I didn't want to stay inside the apartment I was living in with my parents. My Mom kicked me out on an excuse of doing some cleaning. Dad was at work in another part of Mars at an university. Mars is a planet that orbits with the Human's home world planet Earth in the same galaxy where I currently live in. Lucy and I took several corridors and stairwells avoiding the elevators. Its due to drunks like to hang out in them harassing people with inappropriate talk. I don't want to mention in here. We walked to the hover train station that is the only mode of transportation of where to go on Mars. It involves going anywhere on the surface. Even from our home location an underground location of apartments gathered together. We took the hover train to the mall's location also underground. On the way I tried to type in my journal a computer pad. I was struggling to type words due to the vibrations of the hover train kept jerking all over the place. I kept making typos and mistakes with my wordings. Lucy I recalled kept telling me repeatedly while we were in the hover train's ride to the mall. The mall we call it is a huge retail store that is gathered around in one spot in Mars underground. Its for all Mars natives to shop for anything there and no where else period.

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