"Get out of here as fast as you can!" Dad yelled as a tree fell down. I sprinted out of the path of the tree just before it hit the ground. Bang! Dust flew up all around me. When the dust cleared I saw Dad hacking away at the tree with his axe.

"What's wrong with you?" I screamed at my father, "I could have gotten smashed and all you care about his chopping the wood! Not even an 'Are you okay, Jack?' no nothin'!"

"You shouldn’t have been in the way of the tree, how many times have I told you?" Dad remarked.

"How do I know what way it’s going to fall?" I asked.

"Pay closer attention!"

"That’s not fair!"

"Fine, do it yourself next time!"

"Fine, I will. I will do a whole lot better of a job than you!" I said. I grabbed the axe and stormed off.

"Just remember, if you ain't got wood by dusk, you ain't got food 'til mornin'!"

"Maybe I won't come home! It would be easier living in the woods anyway. I wouldn't have to help you cut down trees for your job just so we can get a loaf of bread! Yeah, I would be richer in the woods by myself than with you and Mama at home!"

"You know your mama and I work very hard to feed you," Dad replied.

"Whatever, Mr. 'If you ain't got wood by dusk, you ain't got food 'til mornin'!'" I yelled mimicking my father.

"Pike National Park is pretty big, I don’t think you can handle it," my father replied changing the subject.

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