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Witchmoor Edge

Mike Crowson

Millicent Hampshire and the Witchmoor Edge CID

Copyright 2000 Mike Crowson

Smashwords Edition 2010

Witchmoor Edge

Chapter 1: Sunday 12th August

A narrow boat doesn't go very fast, but it doesn't have brakes. The Lucky Lady eased round the bend in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, where Witchmoor merges indecisively with the Shipley area of Bradford, and Joe Davis at once pushed the gear shift into reverse.

If you have any ideas of the Lucky Lady screeching to a halt, like an old time steam train, engineer in a panic at some obstacle on the line - forget it. The boat simply slowed from a quick walk to a slow walk, to an amble, and the craft drifted slowly towards the scene attracting Joe's attention.

Ahead firemen on the left bank were directing two jets of water across the canal at the burnt out shell of what appeared to have been a warehouse on the right bank. There were signs of activity on the other side too, behind the building. A jet of water could be seen arching through the morning sunlight, creating a little rainbow over the smoldering ruin. You couldn't see the source of the stream of water though.

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