A Singular Captain

Mutiny, murder and mayhem on the first circumnavigation of the world.

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A Singular Captain

Pigafetta arrived in Seville in the summer of 1518 prepared to believe everything he had been told about the city and distrust everything about its inhabitants. He was at a turning point in his life and not coping well. Friends and colleagues regarded him as an affable man, well respected and slow to take umbrage, but he’d shown signs of instability of late. Some tried to dissuade him from a reckless course of action but a few had recognised the strength of his determination. For this he was grateful but discontent still troubled his soul.

The coachman had set him down near the bridge and said this was Triana but he did not know Calle San Jorge. The coach had been delayed and he was late. He was not sure whether Ana had received his last letter. Her directions had been less than helpful: Calle San Jorge in the barrio of Triana. No number. Ana was his only point of contact in The City of Gold, which had the reputation: ‘Who has not seen Seville has not seen beauty.’ Across the river he could see ships tied up at wharves and beyond them the famous Cathedral, the biggest in Christendom, a pretty enough scene but to Pigafetta it was a symbol of much that was wrong with the world.

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