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The Will

A Short Story by

Jamie J. Buchanan

Copyright 2013 Jamie Buchanan

Smashwords Edition

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Glen was shocked to find out that his father had three wills. Dealing with the death of a man he thought was virtually invincible was hard enough to handle, let alone learning that his father’s life wasn’t exactly what he thought it was. As he sat in Uncle Ken’s office, he slowly began to piece together the life that he thought he knew.

Pieces fell into place.

Hints linked, gaps were filled.

Glen felt the penny drop.

Uncle Ken, Glen’s Dad’s brother, was someone Glen always knew he could trust. It was one of those innate, immeasurable, intangible beliefs that he had – he knew that Uncle Ken was staunch.

After the reading of his Dad’s will, this perception became confirmed fact.

The first part of Leonard MacGill’s will read as Glen had expected. Everything was left to Glen’s mother (Julie) who had passed away several years before. After that, all Leonard’s earthly possessions, the house, the car, the savings… it all reverted to be sold off and split 50/50 between Glenn and his brother Joseph.

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