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Sandra Friedman's work provides an accessible, sensible way in which to understand the fears and frustrations of young women, and how to work with them toward a society in which individuals are valued for who and what they are, rather than how they appear. Ms Friedman encourages each of us to address our beliefs and prejudices in ways that bring relief and comfort, as we develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be female in North American culture. Her ability to integrate theory and practice in ways which are readily understandable encourages us to see the challenges of living in an image obsessed culture as opportunities for growth.

Merryl Bear, Executive Director

National Eating Disorders Information Centre

Toronto, Canada

As a counselor, I found Sandra's book to be an invaluable source of practical information for working with girls who experience disordered eating/and eating disorders. Sandra writes from a place of really understanding the world of adolescent girls. Her suggestions for how to build the kind of counseling relationships where girls can feel safe and understood have been indispensable in my work with clients.

Meris Williams, MA

Vancouver, British Columbia


Integrating eating disorder prevention/intervention skills into your practice.

by Sandra Susan Friedman, BA, BSW, MA

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