On Edge

Mike Crowson

Millicent Hampshire and the Witchmoor Edge CID

Copyright 2000 Mike Crowson

Smashwords Edition 2010


Chapter 1: Monday 22nd October

The sweat poured off her. Seville was always hot in summer. The street shimmered in the heat, the sunlight streaming almost straight down, cars lining both sides, a few shops closed for siesta, a few cafés and bars emptied by the emergency, TV camera crews at both ends of the street and a tiny robot trundling up to one of the cars, preparing for a controlled explosion.

The three of them: five year old daughter, twenty-four year old mother and fifty year old grandmother, walked along the early afternoon main road. The ground jolted beneath her feet and there was a dull boom.

“Que está pasando!” the grandmother exclaimed – an exclamation loosely to be translated as ‘What the hell was that?’

It was obviously an explosion and most probably a bomb, for she had heard them before in Northern Ireland, but she didn’t say so.

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