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The Tales of Nigel Morgan”

Admiral Dwight and The Colonial Airmen’


J.B. Galui

Copyright 2012

Published by: J.B. Galui

Smashwords Edition


This opening begins in a small coastal village called Greenwood.

The people still call it a village, though it's very well established now.

There near the edge of town, sits an old Colonial Style house, white in color, primed and trimmed as any Colonial should be. On the porch of this house sits an old man in his favorite rocker, and around him gather a group of children.

"Gather 'round chippers, I'd like to tell you a little story of Admiral Dwight and the Colonial Airmen.”

Now this story is to be told by the great teller of tales, Nigel Morgan, he's the old man in the rocker.

Now you’re probably saying, ‘I've never heard of any Nigel Morgan’, but in the fore mentioned village of Greenwood, where he lives, he's known as one of the best, especially his story of Admiral Dwight and the Colonial Airmen,……along with others.

See Nigel is about fifty seven or so by now, no one really knows for sure, he's a stout, balding man, purely grey, well dressed, hardly the kind of man you would expect to be an explorer. Still Nigel claims that Admiral Dwight met him many years ago when he was just a boy.

Seems the Admiral was on his way to find, ….. well let’s let Nigel tell it, shall we.

"Where was I then, oh yes,” he lit his pipe and sat back in his rocker, "I met the Admiral, I respectfully call him the Admiral, when I was a lad of about twelve, I was an orphan living with this kindly old woman you see, you know, she was the only woman I knew who used to burn the toast, that's right, every blessed morning and....well....," he laughed "I'm going on a bit now, I've a tendency to do that in my age, as I said, I met the Admiral as a lad, at which time he told me of an adventure he was on, an adventure that would take him to the farthest depths of the earth and sea, to a place he said that was once filled with such beauty no man could ever imagine, you could live forever there, but unfortunately," he paused and looked very seriously at everyone, "it was taken over by the most meanest, most hateful bloke you could ever speak of, even today the mention of his name sends shivers up the spine:

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