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Praise for The 11 Be Attitudes of Prosperity

Superb! This may be the most important book you read this year. David White, a nationally recognized financial professional, is uniquely qualified to talk about wealth management from a Biblical perspective. The book is a powerful collection of Biblical nuggets, facts, and humorous stories calling the church for a resurgence to live the authentic Christian life with an eternal perspective.

Dr. Charles Webb, President, Spring Arbor University

David White has written a delightful book. Drawing on his experience as a financial planner, a CPA and a tax attorney, David weaves together these areas of expertise with his profound understanding of Christian teaching. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but much like the wisdom of Solomon found in Proverbs, David helps us understand the cause and effect reasoning that guides so many of life’s most important financial and career decisions. What we do matters. How we believe and behave matters. You will find many of his examples humorous as well as finding your own life circumstances sprinkled across the text.

Dr. Gayle D. Beebe, President, Westmont College

The Bible has much to say about money, and people have money problems, both those who are wealthy and poor. In fact, there is more about money in the Bible than about many other so-called spiritual topics. People have problems because they need to know or to heed what God says about money.

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