Perhaps it would finish John as well. In his day, John had done his share of battling evil, but who was he to judge right from wrong?

Geoffrey was his one surviving link to his “good” side. John had done everything possible to corrupt his offspring, but those attempts had ended here. Instead of having Geoffrey by his side as he’d hoped, they now fought to the death. Yet despite his anger and disappointment, John didn’t want to kill Geoffrey. Part of him still loved the man. John didn’t want to die, either, and if anyone could destroy him, Geoffrey had the power. Not only was he a great fighter, but the mind control John had perfected even before becoming a vampire didn’t influence Geoffrey.

He had saved Geoffrey from human death, but here, breathless beneath the waves, John realized part of true love was knowing when to let go.

The men grappled under the stormy sea. Instead of continuing the fight, John turned his deadly hold into a firm embrace. Closing his eyes, he imprinted on his mind the feel of Geoffrey’s strong body against his. He knew Geoffrey suspected John had romantic feelings for him, but that wasn’t true. Geoffrey was his closest friend, or at least he had been once.

The men broke apart. No sooner had they released each other than a powerful current swept John away. He struggled against the waves. Desperate for air, he headed toward the surface. Panting, he looked around, confused by the storm and the violent ocean.

He caught sight of a raft from his sunken yacht. The ship’s doctor peered out from beneath the canopy and John swam toward the raft. “John!” shouted the doctor. He grasped John’s arms and helped him climb aboard.

For several moments John lay, panting and drained from his struggle with Geoffrey and the sea. When he caught his breath, he glanced around and asked, “Wayne, you’re the only one aboard?”

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