One Moment

A Memoir of

Loss, Stillbirth, Faith, and Hope

Joan W. Higgs

One Moment is a painful and poignant memoir of love, loss, and hope. Joan Higgs, a grieving grandmother, eloquently and honestly confronts the pain and the many nuances of grieving a grandbaby.

- Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

Founder of the MISS Foundation, President of Board of Directors

In the spring of 1963, Joan became the producer and director of the school musical, Bye Bye Birdie. For many of us, "Birdie" is the signature memory from high school, a moment of pure fun, when Joan enabled us to believe we could do anything.

- Bill Johnston, aka Conrad Birdie

Fairfax High School, Class of 1963

I first met Joan in my junior year of high school. My classmates who were lucky enough to be placed in her classes raved about her fresh approach to teaching English. Little did I know then, I would look back and realize in that brief moment of knowing Joan, she would in fact become the most influential teacher of my educational years.

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