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Hi there!

In the late spring of 2008 I was a bit at loose ends. My new agent and I were working on edits for my novel UNHOLY GHOSTS, and I was holding off on starting any new projects until it had been submitted and--hopefully--bought (which it was, by Del Rey in the US and HarperVoyager in the UK, and the first book was released 5/25/10). Meanwhile, I'd stopped writing straight romance--I'd come to believe my voice just didn't quite suit it. I'd already turned in the second Demons novel and completed edits on it, as well. 

So I was kind of adrift, as far as new projects went. Meanwhile summer was coming and I was itching to do another “Summer Series” on my blog to follow up my 2007 Summer Series on choosing and evaluating small publishers. 

During the course of some random wanderings around the internet I found a discussion of one of my sex scenes, which inspired a blog post, which got me thinking. Despite essentially leaving romance, I still loved to write sex scenes, and still felt confident about them. And that perhaps I had some thoughts and opinions and tips to share on writing them.  

So I asked my blog readers if they'd be interested in such a series. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we got started. The entire series lasted from July 9th--September 17th, 2008, and comprised thirty-one blog posts, of which six were critiques (which are not reproduced here) and one was a guest blog (also not reproduced here; both can still be found on the blog itself). 

I've gotten more email from this series than any other post I've ever done. I still get emails about it, in fact, and requests to offer it as a PDF or book. Unfortunately, my lack of techie skills started to make me think I'd never be able to do that. Sigh. 

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