What do you do when. . .

  • You’re 17 and a burglary offers easy pickings?

  • You’ve lost your personal clone?

  • All the smartest people in the world are dropping like flies in a global epidemic?

  • Your ex-wife is taking your child away from you and you’ve got an old buddy who’s a bomb-maker?

  • Your ex-lover has been killed falling down the stairs of your apartment?

  • Government agents plan to take your brother away and put him in a detox program?

François Barcelo—unpredictable and unquenchable! Our opportunity to enjoy his vitality and sparkling humor, since so few authors are so regularly adept at surprising their readers, at disorienting them, at making them smile or laugh.—Laurent Laplante, Nuit blanche.

As always with Barcelo, you can’t stop laughing, not just because of his sublime sense of the ridiculous, but because of his true talent for always crowning a disturbing sequence of events with an ending that shows no mercy. —Stanley Péan, Le Libraire

Take Five (and five more)

François Barcelo

Translated from the French by Annabelle Larousse

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