Edgeways On

Mike Crowson

Copyright 2009 Mike Crowson

Smashwords Edition 2010

Barbate, the Sardinada and the Fería Del Carmen

Barbate is a real seaside town on the Costa de la Luz, facing Morocco across the straits of Gibraltar. It really does have a declining fishing industry, a Marina as well as a Commercial Harbour, miles of golden sand and a drug smuggling problem.

This story deliberately conflates two actual Barbate festivals into one. The Fería del Carmen in July involves taking out the statue of the patron of the town from the Parish Church in a procession to the harbour, then in a boat out into the bay and blessing everything in sight. This is an excuse for a Fería several days long, fireworks and a party.

The Sardinada in August is more about the sardine fleet, blessing the sardine boats specifically and families of the fishermen handing out barbecued sardines to a much smaller crowd at a much smaller affair. For this story I needed a big party and crowds of people, so my apologies to the folk of Barbate for merging the two.

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