A Prim and Proper Girl

By JJ Argus

Copyright 2013

Smashwords edition

JJ Argus has written more than 250 novels, and been published in hardcover, softcover, and innumerable magazines and digests. This work is the result of the long, hard effort and creativity of the author. Please do not post or resell it without permission.

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen.

Willow had never had much of a chance at normality. She was born to sixties flower children who had gone back to the land, and then started a natural food business. Nothing she'd ever eaten had come out of a box, a can or a jar. There had been one television in their rural home, and nothing ever appeared on it but the news and documentaries. She did not see her first cartoon until babysitting when she was sixteen.

Though she had friends at school, school was an hour away by bus ride every morning, and her parents had not felt any particular need to better socialize her by finding children her own age for her to play with. There were many things for a child to do on their farm, many things to provide entertainment and educational insights into the world.

If she really did need to play with another child, she had a sister, after all.

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