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Hot & Spicy Fried Rice

By: Sarah Miller


Welcome to my wonderful cookbook of hot and spicy fried rice recipes! I’ve had and made many different kinds of spicy fried rice all throughout my life—and this is a compilation of the best.

Whether you are a retiree, working Mother, a student, or more, fried rice can be your quick and friendly meal for any part of the day. To start off, I made the recipes similar since the main difference is what you decide you want in there, as well as which fried rice recipe you and your family enjoy. Before you skip to the recipes, please read about the tips I have gathered from advice, as well as experience!

Here are a couple of tips you should read before you start cooking:

  • Make sure your kitchen is clean! Wash your hands before you cook and watch out for any food allergies.

  • Fried rice is supposed to be cooked quick and on high heat. The reason for this is because the heat of the wok provides a delightful flavor to the dish.

  • Usually, the rice used to make fried rice is overnight leftover cold cooked rice. As for some of the ingredients, you could also use what you have or leftover dishes from before—be creative!

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