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The Gonkers

By Mary C Pearson

copyright 2013 Mary C Pearson

Smashwords edition

There were seven of them. Four were girls and three were boys.

Because they lived in the city and the city had become so full of evil their mother never ever let them play outside. Not unless she was right there staring at them. Pretty tricky being creative when your mother is always looking at you.

Then came the Event. Logan was the one who came up with the name for it. Lillian wanted to call it the big magic thing but Lucien said that was too many words and Molly suggested they could just use the initials: the BMT, but Finnegan thought that sounded like a sandwich and it made him feel hungry. Magdalene was too little to have an opinion and Fred Therese was only a babe in diapers-- cloth because their mother was kind of a hippy. She made their own clothes, breast fed the babies, made soap and toothpaste and shampoo out of mysterious healthy things that came in the mail. And their aunt, Geneva, made them homemade bread and bone broth soup. All of this is boring background stuff but it needs to be shared before you can really know the Gonkers.

The other thing you need to know is their ages: Logan 9 (almost 10), Lily 8, Lucien 7, Molly 6, Finne 4 , Maggie 3, Fred is 10 months. And so on the night when they got to go to the carnival at Cathedral and all the other kids from their parish were there they were able to sneak up to the bell tower.

Father Andrew was there.

“Whoa!” Logan stopped where he was, which caused Lucien to bump into him hard.

“And who might we have here?” Father Andrew wasn’t a tall man but anyone seems tall when you are 9 or younger.

None of them wanted to answer because they had no good excuse for sneaking around in the church but Lillian spoke up. “Isn’t it a very lovely night for a climb? I mean it was getting kind of stuffy in the church and…” Her voice trailed off. It wasn’t much of an excuse, she knew.

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